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Nob Hill Hotels

Nob Hill is an affluent district in central San Francisco, not far from Chinatown. Beginning in the late 1800s, wealthy West Coast business giants such as Leland Stanford, the university founder, built magnificent homes there. (In period jargon, the term “nob” referred to someone rich and famous.) The 1906 earthquake and fire destroyed its structures, but rebuilding soon began. Today it is noted for its elegant hotels, mansions and stunning architecture, including Grace Cathedral. Just north of Nob Hill, near the waterfront, is Russian Hill, another historic upper-class district. Established prior to the California Gold Rush (1848-55), it is named for a graveyard that was believed to have been left by Russian seamen and traders. Like its neighboring hill, Russian Hill has been the home of many of the famous and wealthy. It is world-renowned for the one-way block of Lombard Street that zigzags sharply down the steep hillside. The flower-blanketed passage has been photographed extensively and highlighted in films. Nob Hill and Russian Hill are two of the so-called “Seven Hills of San Francisco.”

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