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Bay Area Bash

San Francisco vs. Oakland

Below we've assembled a comparison of two sister cities in the Bay Area, San Francisco and Oakland. View side-by-side such as sports, education, population, and crime. Which city comes out ahead?

San Francisco
San Francisco is called the “City by the Bay” for good reason. San Francisco is located on the coast of California and known for its Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and cable cars. The city is rich in history, having been a stomping ground of miners looking for gold during the Gold Rush in 1848. The town saw a huge increase in its population to 25,000 in that one year alone. In 1906, an earthquake ravaged seventy-five percent of the city. Nevertheless, the city was rebuilt. During World War Two San Francisco was the embarkation place for the military leaving for the South Pacific. The weather in San Francisco is about the same no matter the month, because the city is closed in on three sides by water. Its average temperature is 58 to 62 degrees year round. In addition, it has on average 22 inches of rain per year. Today tourists stream to the city to see the varying sights such as Golden Gate Park, Lombard Street or the famous island of Alcatraz.

Oakland, California is a lively modern city located on the eastern edge of San Francisco Bay. The city’s origins date back to 1772 when explorers claimed the land for Spain. In the early 1800s, the land was granted to a rancher whose descendants later opened the area to American settlers. The U.S. claimed the area during the Mexican-American War in the mid-1800s. The city proper is now home to about 400,000 people. Visiting this city on the bay is a pleasurable experience in any season. Moderate temperatures make outdoor activities possible year round. Oakland is host to a wide variety of activities including sightseeing, bay excursions and fine dining. For the sports enthusiast, Oakland is home to several major league sports teams including the Oakland A’s and Oakland Raiders. Must see attractions include the Chabot Space and Science Center. This center is home to one of the largest public telescopes in the U.S. A visit to Heinhold's First and Last Chance Saloon, a historical landmark, will please literature and history buffs.

Bay Area Bash

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